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When you purchase a FlexRAID product, it takes up to 48 hours for that order to process.
If you are on a trial license and that trial runs out, you can extend your trial license while waiting for your order to process.
Please read: http://wiki.flexraid.com/2013/01/18/trial-license-extension-and-priority-order-processing/

Once your order has processed, you will receive an email in regard to your purchase containing your product activation information. Please take care to fully read that email.

The e-mail will talk of a “Purchase Code” and of a “Registration/Import passcode”.
The Purchase Code is all you need to activate your FlexRAID product.

As part of the e-commerce platform, there is a consumer portal that will let you manage your license.
In order to associate your Purchase Code to your consumer portal account, you use the “Registration/Import Passcode”.
The consumer portal is a self-service tool for you to administer your license including migrating it to a new installation.

So, the “Purchase Code” is used for license activation at your product installation and the “Registration/Import passcode” is used to register with the consumer portal for license management.