Frequently Asked Questions

Getting help with FlexRAID products

If you have a paid support subscription, the details on how to reach support is in the email sent to you.
For all other users, support for FlexRAID products is provided primarily through the Community Forum.
Common answers and setup guides can be found on the Wiki Pages.
Finally, issues are reported through the Bug Tracker

Frequently Asked Questions
Support Forum

Community Support Forum

Join the FlexRAID user community in this discussion forum and gain wider support.
Ask questions, help others new to FlexRAID, and get new ideas and tips on better managing your data array.
Knowledge Base (Wiki)

Knowledge Base (Wiki)

The wiki knowledge base contains answers to frequently asked questions as well as guides to get you up and running in no time.
Also, gain advanced knowledge by reading up on some of the advanced topics.
Bug Tracker

Bug Tracker

Got an issue you need to report? Enter it in the issue tracker and keep tab on its resolution progress.
You can also enter feature requests for things you would like to see included in future versions of FlexRAID.

FlexRAID Care Paid Support Subscriptions

Expert help for when you need it.

The free standard support provided with FlexRAID products is:

  • Email sales support
  • Community forum technical support
  • Free updates within a major release

Paid premium support includes (applies per installation):

  • Email technical support
  • Chat technical support
  • Remote desktop technical support through Teamviewer
  • 24 hours or less response time
  • Free updates within a major release & Free upgrades between major releases

Business Support Subscriptions:    $499.95 – 1 Year / $799.95 – 2 Years / $999.95 – 3 Years

Consumer Support Subscriptions: $149.95 – 1 Year / $249.95 – 2 Years / $299.95 – 3 Years

(*) The consumer support level applies only to home users. All businesses (small or large) should purchase a business support subscription.